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  • Responsible for strategy, planning and the administrative services of a training organisation.

  • Direct cooperation with Head of training department Part-147

  • He/she performs the role of empowering, selecting, coaching, and retaining qualified staff that will contribute to unit goals and the company at large.

  • Responsible for expansion of training organisation based on the approved strategy

  • Incorporate policies and procedures of the company in business unit operations
  • Monitor and review company’s project activities and ensure that they are brought to completion within scheduled period of time and budget
  • Provide effective management to organization’s business activities that have to do with its strategic and financial growth
  • Create new strategies for marketing and monitoring
  • Build effective relationship with the clients so as to maintain good revenue increase for the organization
  • Perform efficient finance management
  • Perform review of equipment and system layouts and its validation
  • Set up the business unit’s strategies for promotional activities
  • Analyze and explore market trends; identifying new opportunities in assigned region
  • Coordinate with other teams like the marketing team in order to develop plans for launching of new products, and then its implementation
  • Develop and communicate the expectation levels and vision of the company to members of unit. This must of course be relevant to the company’s corporate vision and goals
  • Coordinate with other heads of departments, integrating objectives and ideas for organizational growth
  • Allocate resources to various centers and regions; all aimed at producing results
  • Perform day-to-day administrative tasks, such as processing information files and other paperwork

What you need...

  • Organisation skills
  • Good computer skills
  • English language

Work location

  • Full time job, location Mošnov
  • Travellig also required 

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