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Education is the principle

The JOB AIR Technic Maintenance Training Organization is a fully approved educational organization according to EASA Part 147 under the number CZ.147.0016.


The training organization conducts and organizes training and education for JOB AIR Technic employees in the following areas:

  • Basic training in aircraft maintenance (theoretical examinations from basic training modules according to Part 66 for categories B1.1 and B2 in Czech and English)
  • Type training for aircraft types approved for maintenance (Airbus A320 Family (CFM56, IAE V2500, CFM LEAP, PW1100), Boeing B737 NG and B737 MAX)
  • Mandatory training (EWIS, FTS, HF, CT Part 145, SMS) - initial form of classroom interpretation, repeated online
  • Professional training (NDT training, boroscopy, inspection methods, engine runs, etc.)


  • The training organization provides professional practical teaching for students of schools with the fields of aviation mechanics, aircraft maintenance technology
  • We also arrange cooperation with experts in writing or determining the topics of diploma and bachelor's theses for students of aviation
  • Excursion: 

- We will allow mainly schools, but also other organizations to tour our hangars (the largest in Central Europe)
- The excursion must be booked in advance by e-mail to the address of the training organization
- Maximum number of participants - 30 (for children always 1 adult for 6 to 10 children - depending on age)
- The tour is free for an average duration of 45 minutes

The training organization offers training courses to those interested and organizations in the following areas:

Basic training:

  • Theoretical module exams (modules M1 to M17 for categories B1.1 and B2) including consultations - all in Czech

Type training:

  • Airbus A320 Family type courses (CFM56, IAE V2500) for categories B1+C, B2+C, B1+B2+C
  • Airbus A320 Family differential type courses (engine CFM56, IAE V2500, CFM LEAP)
  • Boeing B737 NG type courses for categories B1+C, B2+C, B1+B2+C
  • GenFam/Refresher/cat. C courses Airbus A320 Family and Boeing B737 NG
  • On-the-job training(OJT) Airbus A320 Family and Boeing B737 NG

Mandatory training:

  • Initial training EWIS, FTS, HF - with an explanation in the classroom
  • Refresher training EWIS, FTS, HF - online via e-shop
  • Basic training Part 145, SMS - with an explanation in the classroom /online

Prices of all trainings can be found in the price list: