Lessors, Financiers and Banks

Based on our experience, JAT CAMO has proven itself to be a valuable partner for aviation lessors, financiers, and banks. We understand the relationship between engineering, airworthiness, and aircraft finance, as well as how it impacts the value of the aircraft. Our comprehensive range of aviation leasing technical services and CAMO solutions is customized to ensure that your asset retains its value. We are well-established in supporting aircraft finance and leasing, which is the core of what we do. Our services are designed to reduce transfer and off-lease times and their associated technical costs, thereby maximizing the value of your aircraft and safeguarding the sustainability and integrity of your investment.


At JAT CAMO, we are ready to manage the technical aspects of aircraft transfer projects on behalf of leasing companies and financiers. This service includes accepting the aircraft from the returning lessee, off-lease CAMO, complex modification campaigns, and delivering it to new customers. Furthermore, we use our asset value protection solutions to ensure that leased aircraft are well-maintained and fully compliant with all relevant rules and regulations. We tailor our various asset auditing and shadow CAMO services to our clients' exact risk management needs.


The JAT CAMO consulting team has years of experience with technical records and aircraft maintenance, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the engineering, airworthiness, and regulatory implications of the aircraft finance and leasing sector. Our unique combination of technical consulting expertise and CAMO qualifications makes JAT CAMO the go-to for all your aviation leasing, financing, and banking industry services.



Aircraft lease return and delivery management, records reviews, preparation of delivery document files, aircraft physical inspections, exports/imports and registration transfers.



Off-lease CAMO and asset technical management, preparation of maintenance work packages, maintenance programs, storage and long-term parking programs, management of maintenance checks and modification campaigns, aircraft delivery preparation.



Mid-term and pre-return audits, shadow CAMO, lessee competence auditing, asset pre-purchase inspections.



Repossessions, off-lease CAMO, exports/imports and registration transfers, airworthiness recovery, records re-building.

Commercial Airlines

Running a successful commercial airline is a challenging endeavour, and technical competence is critical for profitability. While many modern airlines have efficient technical departments designed to support daily operations, they are vulnerable to shortages and difficulties during periods of peak demand and specialized one-off projects.


JAT CAMO offers a variety of solutions to help with the various challenges your technical department may encounter. We can tailor effective Subcontracted Airworthiness Management solutions for EASA environments, ranging from providing full engineering support to managing individual elements of CAMO activities, all matched to fit the exact needs and size of your organization. Moreover, many airlines can take advantage of our offer to place one or more JAT CAMO engineers to work alongside their team.


JAT CAMO offers services to assist with the phase-in and phase-out stages of aircraft leasing. Our Technical Services team can help prepare aircraft and technical records for the end of a lease, while minimizing technical costs during a lessor's acceptance. They also ensure that all lease terms are fully compliant with contractual obligations, rules, and regulations. In addition, JAT CAMO can accept leased aircraft on behalf of airlines, making sure that the leasing company's contractual obligations are met.


JAT CAMO comprehensive menu of services is designed to optimize technical costs, increase efficiency, and improve engineering support to help maximize profits for our clients. If you want to learn more about our services, you can contact us.



During the aircraft lease process, JAT CAMO can provide a variety of services including:

  • Aircraft delivery acceptance
  • Management of lease returns
  • Pre-lease inspections
  • Consulting


JAT CAMO's engineering services can be provided both on-site or off-site, and can be tailored to be short or long-term. Our engineering services include:

  • Aircraft engineering support
  • Preparation of maintenance programs
  • MEL's and other manuals
  • Dent & Buckle Chart review / full assessment
  • Updates of Electrical Load Analysis, etc.
  • Weight and balance data (calculation, full A/C weighting on platforms)


We can represent and/or manage third-party maintenance, supplier quality, auditing, and assessment of maintenance quotes and invoices, among other services.

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