From November of this year, the Ostrava company JOB AIR Technic will take care of the maintenance and repairs of the A 319CJ aircraft of the AČR transport air force. The machines, also referred to as government squadron, are used by politicians and athletes, they can be used to evacuate Czech citizens from crisis areas, or to transport soldiers to missions. The service contract between the aircraft repair shops located at the airport in Ostrava-Mošnov and the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic was concluded for seven years. The anticipated financial performance will amount to CZK 1.688 billion. The signing of the contract was preceded by a tender procedure according to the Public Procurement Act.

The subject of the contract is the complete security of operation and service support of A319CJ aircraft by JOB AIR Technic, apart from basic line maintenance. It specifically concerns maintenance and repairs, airworthiness management of both machines, security and maintenance of spare parts, provision of technical assistance and other services needed to ensure the operation of aircraft, including training of aircraft crews and technical personnel.

"We greatly appreciate the success in this selection process. We see it as recognition of the quality of our services, and at the same time as a very valuable reference. It is also of course great that the Czech Ministry has chosen a Czech supplier to provide these services, and aircraft maintenance will therefore take place on the territory of the Czech Republic," says Vladimír Stulančák, CEO of JOB AIR Technic aircraft repair facilities, and adds: "We benefited from the success of this tender our effort to become a partner of Airbus, with whom we concluded a framework agreement last fall."

Thanks to this framework contract, JOB AIR Technic became an approved supplier of services to the largest European manufacturer of commercial aircraft. In practice, this means that repair shops can perform service directly for Airbus or any of its customers without the need for any further audit. All processes, payments and manuals are set.

All maintenance of army transport aircraft will be planned in advance according to the number of cycles, and will certainly not in any way disrupt, for example, the program of the Czech presidency of the European Union, which requires increased mobility between Prague and Brussels. All planned maintenance will take place in the JOB AIR Technic hangars at the Ostrava airport. Of course, if extraordinary maintenance or service is required abroad, it will be carried out by the partner company JOB AIR Technic, which has the appropriate maintenance authorization.

"For the Ministry of Defense, this is a very important public contract, because ensuring the proper operability of the transport aviation is absolutely crucial, not only in relation to the presidency of the Council of the EU. The bonus in this case is that we managed to conclude a contract with a Czech company with facilities in the Czech Republic, from which we promise a short reaction time for carrying out repairs and maintenance," said Lubor Koudelka, Deputy for the Management of the Armaments and Acquisitions Section of the Ministry of Defense.

JOB AIR Technic aircraft repair shops have two repair hangars that can accommodate eight narrow-body Airbus A320 family aircraft, or Boeing 737. The second hangar with workshop facilities was opened by the company, which has been a member of the Czechoslovak Group since 2016, at the beginning of 2020. Last year aircraft repair shops generated sales of 796 million crowns with an EBITDA of 111 million crowns, which, despite the covid-19 pandemic, was the company's best result since 1993, when it was founded.

More than a hundred airplanes pass through its hangars every year, mainly for so-called heavy maintenance, in which JOB AIR Technic specializes. In addition to the Airbus A320 family and the Boeing 737, the company also received authorization to maintain Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. It also has a license to maintain Airbus A330 wide-body machines. Its customers include the most important leasing companies and airline operators. The company employs more than 400 workers.

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