JOB AIR Technic a.s. will offer practical aircraft mechanics training to - 33 new students this year.

JOB Air Technic will train aircraft mechanics at the Vítkovice Secondary Industrial School. Seven graduates of the first year will start professional practice in the JOB Air Technic hangar at Ostrava International Airport.  So far this year 33 students have been accepted, in two classes. Today, future aircraft mechanics - also with the participation of JOB AIR Technic - were officially welcomed at the school.

JOB AIR Technic CEO Aleš Kvídera said "We are pleased to have restarted the Aircraft Mechanics course in the past year. "and we believe that the majority of those who have entered will become employees of our JOB AIR Technic. They will have interesting careers and their work will be highly valued, this will alow them to stay in the country. "

JOB AIR Technic increases repair capacity, a new hangar with workshop facilities is currently under construction to accommodate two more Boeing 737 or Airbus A320. In the past year, the company has been granted and additional approval to maintain Airbus A330s. JOB AIR Technic would like to double its number of employees in the next few years. 

Great interest in aircraft engineering

"In the spring, we organized an Open Doors Day, which was attended by 250 people. Of course, not all were interested to in study aviation, however the level of interest in the four-year course has delighted us. According to the director of the school Josef Lukosz, the students had an average of 1.4. So they have very good learning conditions, "according to Miroslava Tomašulová, training manager of JOB Air Technic.

Students in their second year will have practical training in the JOB AIR Technic hangar after general workshop training under the guidance of an experienced instructor. At JOB AIR Technic they will also complete their final practical examinations.

"The Vítkovice secondary industrial school represents the largest supply of potential employees from the region. We also cooperate with the Kunovice high school and Trenčín, Slovakia. explains Miroslava Tomašulová. who also works closely with JOB AIR Technic and universities including the Technical University of Ostrava, which offers Aircraft Mechanic courses. Cooperation with the Technical University of Košice or with the Czech Technical University in Prague is also developing successfully. New cooperation with Silesian University in nearby Poland will also be concluded. The graduates of these schools are also recruited by JOB AIR Technic employees.

Graduating from high school to JOB Air Technic, is only the beginning. "After basic training, they have three-year’s experience on aircraft. After that the theoretical preparation and testing of the Part-66 modules (a summary of all the required knowledge) is next. These are equal to university exams. Upon completion of the basic training, they will obtain a certificate of aircraft mechanics. After that they have to qualify for type approval on particular types of aircraft, Miroslav Tomašulová, says its a demanding and interesting journey to become a fully qualified aircraft mechanic.  

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